Bibliography of Indigenous Research Methodologies

storytellerBig News!! Dr. Lori Lambert’s new book, Looking Forward, Research Back: Indigenous Research Methodologies in the Social Sciences is due out this fall. Distributed by the University of Nebraska Press, it’s a Salish Kootenai College publication, edited by President Bob Bigart. The book interviews members from four Indigenous communities and documents their expectations for researchers who want to work with them.

Click here to download theĀ AIRA Bibliography prepared by Dr. Lorelei A. Lambert, Ph.D., DS as a PDF. File size is 225 KB.wintercount

Do you have a resource to share with the AIRA community? Is your favorite or most useful book or research paper not on the bibliography? Please help us create a more complete bibliography for everyone in our community by submitting the citation using this form. Be sure to include enough information for researchers, including graduate students, to successfully locate the materials. A complete citation should include at least the title, author, publication date, publisher and/or journal name and number, and page numbers.

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